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“If your project exceeds our final quote, we’ll cover the extra cost.”

Dave Waldner, owner


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Master Painting & Renovations

Will Solve These Common Renovation Problems For You:

  • Project cost overruns
  • Bad or incomplete work
  • Messy, disorganized work crews
  • Contractors that talk down to you and/or don’t call you back

“Exemplary is the word that comes to mind. They always checked with me before starting work and if I had any concerns, they addressed them immediately and without hesitation in anyway.” – Holly, Kitchen Renovation 2017

Our Process

There are over 1,000 decisions that will need to be made over the course of your renovation. To make those decisions as easy as possible, we’ve developed a system of “process control” that keeps renovation headaches to a minimum.


Every renovation starts with a sit-down with Dave where you show him what you want. Once complete, you’ll be provided with an initial estimate.


Hannah, our BCIT certified interior designer, will meet with you to discuss the layout and overall design concept.

Select Materials

Time to select the material – such as flooring, countertop, backsplash and whatever else we’ll need to order for the project.

The Renovation

This is when the transformation happens! It’s a process, but be patient, it’s worth it.

Work Ends

The paint is dry;  you’re ready to move back in and get your home back.


We want to make sure everything is up to your exact standards, that nothing is missed, and that every detail accounted for.

Build a Kitchen
That Fits Your Life

The most used room in the house is often designed by people who never use it

  • Customize your “kitchen work space” for greater ease of use.
  • Create more functional space and increase your storage.
  • Reimagine what it means to entertain in the comfort of your own home.
Master Kitchen Renovations Mixer Painting

Customized Appliance Lift

Customize your kitchen work space for greater ease of use.

Luxury Soaker Tub

Add a splash of luxury to your life by turning your bathroom into a mini-spa.

Build A Bathroom
With A Personal Touch

The most private room in the house should reflect those who use it the most

  • Add a splash of luxury to your life by turning your bathroom into a mini-spa.
  • Create more functional space and increase your storage.
  • Improve your home value and reduce energy costs by updating utilities.

Renovate Your
Whole Home
Inside and Out

Reno the whole house around you and the ones you love

  • Improve your investment and upgrade your comfort.
  • Create more functional space and increase your storage.
  • Update and upgrade the interior and exterior of your home.

Vaulted Ceiling

Upgrade the interior of your home to add value and beauty.

What if your contractor
could read your mind?

  • Our projects never go over budget
  • All schedules are written out and signed-off by you before work starts
  • 2-year warranty on all materials provided by Master Painting & Renovations
  • Highly trained, clean, professional work crews

Every Call From You Is Returned Within 6 Business Hours

10 Benefits of Renovating Your House

  • Improve your property value
  • Upgrade comfort level of your home
  • Create more functional space
  • Increase storage space
  • More space in general
  • Update and personalize
  • Build your whole home around you (not the other way around!)
  • Improve your safety and accessibility
  • Fulfill your personal needs
  • Because you deserve it!