Home Maintenance Schedule

2017-03-31T11:29:43+00:00 May 30th, 2016|Home Maintenance, Winterize|

Putting off regular maintenance of your home exteriors often ends up being costlier than you’d think. Everything needs maintenance and procrastination accelerates deterioration, sometimes to the point where materials can no longer be saved and must be replaced instead. Get into a regular routine of home maintenance, then it won’t seem such a chore. Monthly [...]

How to Prepare Your Chilliwack, BC Home for the Winter

2017-03-31T11:29:44+00:00 December 19th, 2013|Winterize|

  If you live in Chilliwack, BC or Abbotsford, BC, the average temperature falls to 3.3 degrees Celsius. Cold temperatures like that can cause a variety of problems with your property, including burst pipes and increased energy costs. The winter is a time for diligent home maintenance. However, if you properly “winterize” your home, it can still [...]